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Try our POWERDECAL Fundraiser! The POWERDECAL Fundraising Program is a unique, HIGH PROFIT program that will earn your group thousands of dollars with very few sales! POWERDECAL was featured on the hit TV show "Shark Tank."

POWERDECAL™ takes team graphics to a whole new level at night! An innovative LED backlit logo for your vehicle, this decal turns on and off automatically via sensor technology. It's a decal by day, a POWERDECAL™ at night -- even through tinted windows! Just peel and stick. No tools. EASY INSTALLATION!

Everybody has a favorite team. Now your supporters can purchase a POWERDECAL™ with your custom logo or choose from hundreds of teams from NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, colleges and MORE!

Take advantage of this BRAND NEW opportunity! Our officially licensed products will help your group raise hundreds or thousands of dollars.

We offer three fundraising options with our POWERDECAL™ Program:

Option 1: Resell Licensed Power Decals
Option 2: Create and Sell Your Own Custom POWERDECAL
Option 3: Sell both! 

We invite you to take a look a closer look at the POWERDECAL™ Fundraising Program. Please contact Wayde Marsico today!  Go to Fundraising Form 

From the PA Vehicle Code: § 4307(f.1) Illuminated decal.--A vehicle may display a single illuminated decal in the corner of the rear window so as not to interfere with the driver or unduly distract a driver of another vehicle upon the highway or trafficway. 

Check the vehicle code of other states before use.