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Marsico Promo is an official distributor of the PowerDecal

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POWERDECAL is an innovative LED backlit logo for your vehicle window. Device turns on automatically while driving at night via sensor technology and shuts off after 2 minutes when parked. Once installed, you never need to touch it. 

Purchase includes batteries and a set of window mounting clips (2 clips total) 

  • Actual logo size: 4" diameter lighted area
  • Operates automatically ON and OFF via multiple sensor technology. 
  • Simple installation with 3M material; no tools required - just peel and stick. 


From the PA Vehicle Code: § 4307(f.1) Illuminated decal.--A vehicle may display a single illuminated decal in the corner of the rear window so as not to interfere with the driver or unduly distract a driver of another vehicle upon the highway or trafficway. 

Check the vehicle code of other states before use.